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A header consists of the title of the post and various fields of metadata. It looks like this:

= An Example Document
Erik Winter <>
:key1: value 1
:key2: value 2

Subtitle and Subsubtitle

== A Subtitle

== As SubSubTitle


* List item one
* List item two
* List item three

Code Block

func (d *Dummy) DoSomething() string { return “No. I don’t want to.” }

func (d *Dummy) SudoDoSomething() string { return “Ok. If you insist, I’ll put my objections aside for a moment.” } ​


A paragraph is a line of text that gets parsed to find inline elements.

Inline Elements

Currently the following types are recognized:

Strong and Emphasis

a text with some *strong* words, that I’d like to _emphasize_.

It is possible to combine the two for the same text.

Check out this[awesome website] now! 

Whatever is between the opening bracket and the first space before that is taken as URL, so both absolute and relative links without domain are possible.

Inline Code

Some text with `code` in it.