devnotes > Freshen up an old Dasung eink monitor with a new screen protector

There is always something nice about making do with old or second-hand equipment instead of buying something new, simply by taking some time to clean up or repair a small malfunction.

In this case, I had been pining for an e-ink monitor for a long time, particularly this brand new, large one, knowing that it would take quite some time to save up before I could afford it. Even though it is the best model on the market right now, it would still be a gamble. E-ink monitors are an acquired taste.

No color, low response time, and some inevitable amount of ghosting - it's not for everyone and it's not for every computer job.

Still, as a developer with a writing hobby who basically stares at text all day, I really wanted to try it. My eyes can handle a lot of light, but during breaks and in the evenings, it was not uncommon to feel my eyes burning and removing my glasses to relieve the tension in my forehead. So, one day, I decided to take a risk and bought a very old second-hand Dasung Paperlike Pro, which had clearly been used a lot. It is of Chinese origin and was one of the first models available. I just had to try it out.

In short, it was wonderful. It worked as advertised. However, the surface was very smudgy, and looking at that all day isn't exactly ideal either.

At one point, I realized some of the spots were actually air bubbles. Then, I started to peel the top layer of plastic off, thinking the previous owner had left the screen protector on that was meant for protecting the screen against scratching during shipping. I removed it and... noticed I had made an error.

The dirt and the bubbles were gone, but now the screen was very reflective. It was like staring in a mirror. The plastic had a function and was supposed to be there. I put it back, but the result was worse than before.

However, the idea of screen protectors stuck with me, and I found a site where they sell protectors to combat glossy and reflective screens. I ordered one, applied it easily, and boom - I have no need for an expensive Onyx Mira anymore; this one is already good enough.

I have been working on it for a week now and will not go back. I'll probably write some more about this in the future.