gte > Mail format

The mails that are sent back and forth are in plain text and contain key-value pairs, one per line:

key: value

The quote prefix > is stripped before evaluating. These keys are also valid:

> key1: value 1
>> key2: value 2

Lines are evaluated from bottom to top. If a key occors multiple times, later keys overwrite previous ones. So lines on top overwrite lines at the bottom.


Recognized fields are:

Date string

There are several options to specify a date. The general form is YYYY-MM-DD. In addition to that today and tomorrow are also understood, as are the days of the week: monday, tuesday, wednesday, friday, saturday, sunday and their abbreviations tod, tom, mon, tue, wed, thu, fri, sat and sun. Those indicate the first occurence of that weekday after the current day. Unrecognized values will erase the field.

Recur string

The recur string consists of two to three parts, separated by a comma. The first is the start date and follows the same semantics as a date string. The second specifies the period and the third can contain optional parameters.

The date format as YYYY-MM-DD (weekday) is also permitted, to facilitate processing replies and forwards of tasks. The weekday will be ignored in that case.

For the second part, the following periods are available: